Checked love, Check!

There was a time back in the days of yore when checks were considered the uniform of formal and boring. But that must have been long ago. Coz checks feel anything but boring today. Of course, they were happily accepted as the code for grunge cool in the ’90s. But today, checks are being owned by one and all like a boss. Checks oscillate multiway between very berry formal to preppy sophomore to easy sensual all the time. Checks reflect depth of woven wonders and the marvel that plain lines are capable of creating. Exhibiting a certain effortless ease, checks are the way to rule summer style this season.

You could even try some checks in ethnic wear with traditional sarees and what not!

I pick some of my coolest grunge check picks for you here.


Checks and maverick maroon! Such a delectable combination!


Checked tunics. It couldn’t get better than this!


Checks at their laidback best!


Fun school girl style!


For the love of dormcore!


Perfect pick for the work to date look!

Here’s a little bit of gyan image too to update your pattern knowledge!


Cya, have a checkful week ahead!


5 Look for a Music Festival

Coachella just got over. And it has given us major dressing goals. Hence, we are here to pick some fine and delicious and mighty fine music festival looks.

Take a look at what we recommend.

Fringed skirt with crop top and bulky wedges. Totally  a good idea.


This look with the hat…enough said!


A dormcore denim number for the grunge lazer in you!


This kitsch Preeti S Kapoor dress is pure love!

Coz flared jeans and indigenous embroidered mud top always manage to strike a cord.


Remember, the key to dressing like a boss in a music festival is to be effortlessly dressy. Rope in some fun element, mix and match, coordinate crazy, accessorize like a hippie, and you are good to go. Don’t look like you are trying to hard. On contraire, try to look like you are someone who is just going and playing along while absorbing eclectiv cultural and musical influences. The more diverse and culture inspired your look is, the better winner you are.

Let your music festival look tell a story.

Be dramatic, effortlessly.

Take cues from veterans like Kendall Jenner when it comes to music festival dressing.

Don’t you agree?

Well, there seems to be no music festival around, but you could surely use these tips for Ziro, Magnetic, Sunburn, all of which will happen sometime after September.

Whatsay pretty people?


Trend Alert: Latin Influences in Fashion


Fashion trends in 2016 have heralded a new feel and vibe. A continuum of last season only, but only more eclectic and fun. And it is all as per my palette. I couldn’t be happier. Apart from Bohemian, culture clash, and oriental, one hot trend this season is: Latin.

Latina is a culture nobody minds, everyone is partially or wholly enchanted.

With Latin influences making a noise on the runways and the street fashion, there’s going to be a whole lot of romance and flirting to all things fun.

For those who are not exactly thorough with their geography, Latin America is a region that consists of twenty sovereign states and several territories and dependencies which cover an area that stretches from the northern border of Mexico to the southern tip of South America, including the Caribbean.The prominent nations influencing Latin style are: Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia.

If you want to embrace Latina in your style, these are the words you must chant: Ruffles, frills, off shoulder, Lace, Embroidery.

A lot of deep hues of reds must conquer your wardrobe. As should rose prints, carnation designs, anthuriums.

Take a break from minimalism.

Revel in the fun of modest extravaganza.

Got lost and transported in that free-spirited, amicable vibe and tribe of Latina places and Latina dances.

Bring out the Latina in you.

Here’s what I pick from Jabong to be a Latin stunner.



What do you think? Are you ready to embrace your latin side up?

Get set go, get dressing!

Laters, Baby!

Interesting Facts about Choker Necklaces


The connoisseurs say that choker necklaces are huge this season. And why shouldn’t they be. Such a cool piece of jewellery. Work well with a variety of outfits, bring with them a rich heritage and story!

For those who are not clear, a choker is a type of necklace that is worn close to the neck. It can vary from sleek to dramatic.

And, you will be amazed to know that chokers originated in probably 1798 during the French Revolution when women started wearing red ribbons around their neck to pay homage to those who met death at  the guillotine.

And, that’s not all. During the course of the history of human existence, the choker has been worn by everyone from the elite to the prostitutes to the ballerinas to the ’90s pop artists.

. A lot of paintings by famous artists like Manet’s Olympia and Degas’ ballerina paintings chronicles the adornment of choker necklaces.

Chokers are also native to various tribes and communities and India.

Amused much?

Time to embrace them!

This season, you can wear chokers with your bohemian style maxis which do not have much work around the neck. Or even crop top and long skirt sets. Or even swimsuits. Wear them with boat necks for some unusual appeal.

Go tribal, or go urban with your choker style!

You can always wear them with black dresses.

This season, I suggest you go for heavy, bulky chokers. Maybe with some graphic design.

Team chokers with other exquisite jewellery, like brooches.

Cya people!

Lakme Fashion Week: Hot Picks

India’s fashion darling: LFW just happened. And there’s so much to take away from it. There are so many stories to tell.

So, what are we waiting for? Christmas! Let’s start with them.


Celebs continued to rule the roost in this fashion week too. Bhumi Pednekar has shed loads of weight since her Bollywood debut. And this SVA outfit is so pretty. Love the hue and the delicate embroidery. But I wish she weren’t looking so dull!


One fine moment during LFW. Carol Gracias carrying her baby bump with so much elan as she walked for Gaurang Shah. A true delight to see.


To keep the celeb attendance high, there was Ileana D’Cruz adding to the glory of Rahul Mishra’s show in this pretty bridesmaid blue lehenga-outfit. I see an interesting juxtaposition of mosaic and collage and indegenous sensibilities in this simple no-nonsense silhouette.


Manish Malhotra ditched his old muses this time for Jacqueline. And need we say, this was a pretty good move. Jacqueline is killing it.


So what if Kareena wasn’t there for Manish Malhotra’s show, she made her presence felt and how! Walking for the finale by Rohit Bal. And the statement Rohit Bal style. Colors on black. Drop-dead-droolworthy.


Being a major fan of patchwork and indigenous influences, this surely struck a cord with me. Love how patchwork has been given a hipster touch by Doodlage.


Minimalism at its best by P.E.L.L.A. A very interesting laid-back silhouette. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge trend to trickle down soon.


I love the fact that handlooms were so vividly celebrated in LFW this time. It is simply divine to see traditional hand crafting techniques trickle up to influence the runway trends. Kudos to designers like Anita Dongre Grassroots, PERO and Ka Sha for this novel initiative. This is a brilliant ensemble exhibited in the show of Ka Sha by Karishma Shahani Khan.


I’m so in love with this drape. I also saw a lot of this wrap drape displayed edgily in the collection of Missguided dresses and skirts at


Rohit Bal brings back his love for white and Parsigara influences again. Love the long long cape.


Lisa Haydon dazzling in Monisha Jaisingh. Need we say more? I don’t think so. Stars and gold and all things enchanting.


Monica Dogra and Shibani Dandekar. Two women I find very cool. Rocking these elaborate Payal Singhal outfits. Such a contemporary twist given to Persian over here.


Okay, I’ll be honest. I have been a little let down by Masaba of late. But this is pretty good. Notice how this fusion outfit has been completed with white sneakers. So here’s Masaba and Shraddha validating the sneaker trend.


Shruti Hassan in such an engagementsy lehenga by Anushree Reddy. Love it need it want it greed it lust it.

Need some insights on Amazon Fashion Week too? Find them here: The Best of Amazon Fashion Week.

That’s all for now!

Until next time!




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The Best of Amazon Fashion Week

As a fashion week gets over, we fashion addicts are left gaping with our eyes wide and our jaws dropped. The street looks, the runway fashion, the stage design, everything seems to perfectly capture the essence of the word ‘captivating’.

I unfortunately could not attend the fashion week this time around,  but I did manage to take a thorough look at everything everyone had to offer.

Take a look at what stole the cake for me in my eyes.


Anavila’s collection surely took the cake for me. What I saw as a very real interpretation of the modern-day thinker, with the organic fabrics and textures and earthy hues, was made quirky with the shoes and the hair.

Ashima-Leena’s magical foreplay of Indian fabrics was another one that caught my fancy. Elaborate drapes, rich yet humble hues, and an overall tantalisingly Indian vibe. What’s not to like!

The Lovebirds gave a very quirky twist to minimal avant-garde. Carefree rug-sack sensibilities met femme fatale and set the house on fire!

What was your favorite moment from the fashion week?

For me, Mandira Wirk’s collection was a disappointment this time. Elegant, nonetheless. But seen before, and done before.

Of course, there is much more to write and critique, but I am just another mortal, and my appetite for fashion, however insatiable, needs to be put to rest for now. Until I do better things and probably have my own collection at one of these ramps someday.

Miles to go before I sleep…

Brooches:Yay or Nay


To brooch or not to brooch, this is the question. There was a time when brooches were strictly meant for special occasions to be worn with ethnic wear, to keep the pallu or the saree dupatta in place. But now, brooches are making a whole lot of noise when being worn with formal outfits, or casual ensembles just for fun. Exquisite, delicate, sometimes quirky, and extremely articulate, brooches spell the recipe of luxury in detail.

And, you can wear your brooch over on the shoulder, over the chest pocket, or over the collar button.

Wear one over a white shirt and androgynous pants, or wear your brooch over a buttoned-up school girl style shirt dress. The brooch will not disappoint. Make sure your pick is not very conflicting to the look and not very disturbing to the eyes either.

Looking for the best brooches online? Let me take you to a crusade of a couple of stellar pieces.


A minimal and abstract piece of delicacy. Pure delight.


Pearly pleasures.


Very very femme fatale.


One for the books, one for the stunners.


Sterling, stellar, and drop-dead exquisite.

These are the pieces that make my heart skip a beat. What about you?

Kendall Jenner Best Looks

It has been a while since this has been happening. Every time I would open the paper or a magazine to enlighten myself about fashion and style, I would see her staring right in my eye. Kendall Jenner has come. And she ceases to leave. Making her presence felt first in the popular reality TV Show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kendall Jenner’s growth has indeed been popular. It will be safe to call her he reigning style queen of the season. Everyone wants to look like her, dress up like her, walk like her, smile like her, talk like her. The favorite poster girl of the “Instagram Era” and of “Social Media Modelling”, Kendall is not just a pretty face. The lass has many aces up her sleeve.

Let’s traverse the beautiful journey of Kendall’s killer looks in the recently held social galas.


One of the few times Kendall made an effort to dress up. Not that she needs to.



She seems to be in one hell of a peach mood.


All of us couch potatoes should certainly take a lesson or two to ace the dormcore

ore look like a pro.


















That’s how you roll it, at the airport!


Ok, I know, everyone has been doing striped pants and off shoulders these days. But Kendall did certainly take the look a notch higher.


This is probably my favorite look in the list! So dormcore. So coordinated. Love love love!


Shrug love. Monochrome love.


This look is so easy but looks so graceful. I’m floored.


Kendall embraces the slit and skirt trend here, and owns it.


Peach much? Sheer much! Much good


I’ve always wanted to do it. Steal my boyfriend’s coolest black t-shirt. And wear it like a boss. And now, I;ve got my current girl crush vouching for it.


















This jewellery is next level drama.

That’s all for now. But Kendall will keep making stellar appearances and I will continue following her every move and groove and writing about it.

Kendall-ing crush!





Trend Alert: Mud

It is a new season and a new season certainly calls for new fashion experiments. While some like to adhere to the trends, the others like to defy them and be a star in their own right.

So, whichever side of fashion you happen to be at, there is one trend this season that you can easily manage to embrace or defy with. And that trend is MUD. Blend in or stand out, mud style is a good good style either way.

If you are confused as to what we imply by ‘mud’ as a trend, we break it out for you:

  • Easy carefree silhoutes.
  • Earthy hues, neutral notes.
  •  Organic or organic looking fabrics.
  • A much-needed break from prim and proper and all things delicate.
  • An overall effortless appeal to the look and the outfit.
  • Bohemian prints and embroideries.
  • Indigenous yet subtle influences.
  • Think casual dresses in green, brown, and other ‘muddy’ hues.
  • Think a whole lot of green, brown, pale grey ad rugged blue and black in your casual clothing.
  • Think occasion wear taking a laid-back turn.

Of all the muddy hues, olive is the hottest for the season!

Take a look at what I liked during my ritualistic window-online-shopping shenanigans.

Slide1 Slide2

Need more inspiration? Take a look at The Revanent’s costume design. Get inspired.

Image courtsey: nytimes, news.lokalee

That’s all for now folks! Until next time!

Happy mudding!